What is Tailviewer?

Tailviewer is a log file viewer for Windows that allows you to view text based log files both offline and in real-time. It is easy to use, incredibly fast and free!


Tailviewer can display any text based log file and allows tailing, searching and filtering.


Filtering allows you to reduce a log file to only those entries that you're interested in. You can easily chain multiple filters to narrow in on a particular problem.

You can filter by sub string (the default), wildcard or using a regular expression. In addition, you can invert filters to hide matching entries.

Your filters are stored automatically and available with every log file you open. Tailviewer even remembers which filters were applied the last time you viewed a log file so you don't have to!

Multiline filtering

Most of the time, log files contain one log entry per line. However that is not always the case, especially when you're logging exception stacktraces or similar multiline content. For this reason, filters work on log entries, not just lines. That is, if a particular line of a multiline log entry matches the filter, then the entire log entry is displayed

Unicode support

Log files shouldn't be limited to plain old ASCII, and neither should you. Tailviewer works with a lot of different encodings including: ASCII, UTF-8 and UTF-16.

Multiple log files

You can open multiple log files at the same time and Tailviewer automatically notifies you when an opened log file is modified so you never miss a modification!

Merging log files

Developing distributed applications is hard. Debugging them is even harder.

Tailviewer can help you monitor distributed applications by being able to display a merged view of two or more log files based on the timestamps of individual log entries.

You can even display a merged view when its files are being modified.


Sometimes, you just want to search for the occurence of a string. Tailviewer obviously allows you to easily search a log file and to step through each and every occurence.

Level quick filter

Not interested in debug statements? Can't stand the sight of errors anymore? You can easily select which log levels shall be displayed and which ones should not.

Not only does it allow you to hide log entries, but it also gives you an overview over the amount of log entries in a log file. Want to know if a particular file contains any errors? You don't need to search or filter to find the answer!


Tailviewer is incredibly fast and allows you to concentrate on your work, instead of having to wait for the application to respond.